Freeblades Kuzaarik Forgers Field Agent

Freeblades Kuzaarik Forgers: Field Agent

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Freeblades Kuzaarik Forgers: Field Agent

The Prejudicial Diplomatic Corps was originally created to supply agents abroad and ambassadors to foreign powers. In recent times, however, the organization has turned its focus inward. Most Agents can now be found within various aspects of Kuzaarik society. They are tasked with monitoring, watching, reporting and sometimes even judging the actions of their fellow citizens. Compliance with the strict laws and edicts of the High Council is now the PDC’s primary responsibility. While their presence may make some nervous, a savvy Warden welcomes their addition to a Freeband, as Agents have a variety of skills that are most useful.

32mm white metal miniature sculpted by Chris Jackson.

2 pieces: body, ice axe
25mm plastic base