Freeblades Kuzaarik Forgers Forge Warden

Freeblades Kuzaarik Forgers: Forge Warden

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Freeblades Kuzaarik Forgers: Forge Warden

Proving oneself as a warrior serves only as a first step to elevation to Forge Warden. A would-be Warden must also prove himself loyal to the people. It begins by catching the eye of a Senior Agent in the Prejudicial Diplomatic Corps. Under the scrutiny and tutelage of the Senior Agent, the candidate’s loyalty and resolve are tested. Once deemed worthy, the rank earns them the honor of holding Trusted Positions, such as protecting the High Forges or leading Freebands beyond the borders of Kuzaarl.

32mm white metal miniature sculpted by Chris Jackson.

3 pieces: body, backpack, banehammer
25mm plastic base