Freeblades Kuzaarik Forgers Kryomancer

Freeblades Kuzaarik Forgers: Kryomancer

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Freeblades Kuzaarik Forgers: Kryomancer

Once the Kryomancer Guild found themselves at the heart of Kuzaarik industry, for only through their enchantments and power could the Cold Forges operate. With the death of the Great Cities and the seizure of the last Cold Forge by the High Council, the Kryomancer Guild lost much of its influence. Kryomancers are now forced to seek other means of making a living. Some hire out to Freebands, others become advisors to various Guildmasters. While these more mundane roles chafe with many, they know the edict “All Must Serve” is no idle threat.

32mm white metal miniature sculpted by Chris Jackson.

4 pieces: body, arm, ice axe, scrolls
25mm plastic base