Freeblades Traazorite Crusaders Keshark

Freeblades Traazorite Crusaders: Keshark

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Freeblades Traazorite Crusaders: Keshark

The Keshark is the Traazorite Crusaders' freeband leader. He rides a dangerous Velozar into battle and the combination of his fighting prowess and that of his mount is deadly. Centurions of Traazor’s legions are drawn from among the most accomplished Kesharks and so every one of them is out to prove himself worthy of command in the Emperor’s army.

32mm white metal miniature sculpted by Gael Goumon.

10 pieces: rider body, sheath, cloak, shield, Velozar body, tail, jaw, 2 arms, leg
50mm plastic base