Freeblades Trilian Seekers Stargazer

Freeblades Trilian Seekers: Stargazer

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Freeblades Trilian Seekers: Stargazer

High in the border mountains of the Bar Mahn, the Trilians have established a series of observatories to help them study the stars and other objects of the night sky. Long a well kept secret, and even now encountered only rarely, Stargazers have learned to harness the powers of the celesphere. They manipulate forces strange to even the most capable casters of other magics. Treespeaking, taught to the Trilians by the Golats, may be more generally associated with the realm, but Celestial Magic is singularly a Trilian creation.

32mm white metal miniature sculpted by Gael Goumon.

1 piece
25mm plastic base