Freeblades Trilian Seekers Veteran Defender

Freeblades Trilian Seekers: Veteran Defender

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Freeblades Trilian Seekers: Veteran Defender

High above the forest floor of the Deepwood, Veteran Defenders and their squads stand watch. Their long silk wraps tied to strong branches and unfurling above them, they drop in a whisper. They launch javelins from above and during their falls, saving the deadly herenkal for the close-in work. The Veterans provide steady leadership to the young recruits. They teach them the ways of the forest and the art of treefalling. And when the times comes, they are in the thick of the fighting, showing both friend and enemy the true danger of entering the Deepwood unwelcomed.

32mm white metal miniature sculpted by Chris Jackson.

3 pieces: body, 2 arms
25mm plastic base