DEAD MANS HAND Desperados Gang (7) BOX

DEAD MAN'S HAND Desperados Gang (7) BOX


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DEAD MAN'S HAND Desperados Gang (7) BOX

A blatant disregard for life is what makes the Desperados so dangerous; they just live for the moment, as if each day was their last. Desperados don’t fear death like other man and their outbursts of violence can leave the streets awash with blood.

Boxed gang of 7 Desperados including special rules card and bases.

GEGDMH006a.jpg GEGDMH006b.jpg
GEGDMH006c.jpg GEGDMH006d.jpg
GEGDMH006e.jpg GEGDMH006f.jpg
GEGDMH006g.jpg GEGDMH006h.jpg