Hordes Circle Orboros Loki Orboros Warbeast (resin/metal) BOX

Hordes Circle Orboros: Loki Orboros Warbeast (resin/metal) BOX

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Hordes Circle Orboros: Loki Orboros Warbeast (resin/metal) BOX

This is a new character warpwolf featured in Forces of HORDES: Circle Orboros Command.

FEATURES: The character warpwolf Loki is at his best when disrupting an enemy’s carefully laid plans. Boasting Drag, Shield Guard, and two new Controlled Warping abilities that grant him the ability to ignore concealment and cover or become immune to combined ranged and melee attacks, Loki excels at being a thorn in an opponent’s side. Loki becomes even more elusive when under control of his preferred warlock Tanith the Feral Song, as his bond grants him Prowl while under her control.