Hordes Trollbloods Fennblades PLASTIC BOX

Hordes Trollbloods: Fennblades PLASTIC BOX

SKU: PIP 71042

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Hordes Trollbloods: Fennblades PLASTIC BOX

Trollkin called Fennblades calmly wait shoulder to shoulder wicked hooked greatswords raised at the ready listening to the approach of thundering hooves. Some duck lances to sweep blades through the legs of mounts while others swing their blades straight into the chests of the riders. The result is always the same, as Fennblades stand victorious over the bodies of the slain.

Fennblades come in a box (PIP 71042). A player may field two Fennblade units for each warlock in his Trollblood horde. 28mm Plastic Miniature comes unpainted and unassembled.