International Orders

International Orders

TheWarStore is getting more International Orders than ever before. While we love International Orders, I felt a separate page was necessary to delineate some policy differences from US Orders.

Please read the following carefully and email us with any questions before you order. If you have already ordered and you find any of the below conditions unsatisfactory you may certainly cancel your order at any time before we ship.

 Please Note:  According to Games Workshop policy we can only ship Games Workshop products to US Addresses.

Rule #1 On International Shipping:
All International Shipping prices quoted are only estimates.

  • They are good estimates if the order is for a mix of plastic and metal miniatures.  HOWEVER, figure cases, books and especially heavy boxed games can add a great deal to the total and will throw our estimate significantly off, so please plan accordingly.
  • When we get the final shipping costs we will indeed set up a refund if our estimate was too high. Please also understand if the price comes out higher we will add the extra shipping to your order.  You will be notified by email before we charge if shipping costs are significantly higher.
  • Finally if your order is under 4lbs (less than 2 kilos) in weight you may request by email or in the checkout screen First Class Shipping.  We do NOT recommend First Class to any country where the post office is not relatively efficient.  Please note carefully we do NOT insure or gurantee First Class Shipments, we only offer it as a low cost alternative.  For small packages it works well and is cheap, but it is not fast and things can get lost.  It is your choice, just let us know.


The very best method for international purchases:

  • Have the order shipped to a freight forwarder in the United States.
  • Have a friend or relative in the US forward the package to you. We can ship to them for $7.95, and a package coming to you from an individual in the US is far less likely to be taxed by your customs authorities.
  • If you or a friend is visiting the US we can ship to a hotel room or temporary residence. Just let us know by email when you need the order to arrive and we can set it up for you.
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you are using a freight forwarder to circumvent the Games Workshop rules, your order will be cancelled and your money refunded.


Obviously, not everyone can use the method outlined above. If that is the case for you, understand clearly, by making an order from outside the US on this site, you are signifying that you agree to the terms on this page


  • We use USPS Priority Mail for shipping most international orders.
  • If the package is lost USPS will cover it up to $100, if you would like more insurance please email us. .
  • In some countries your Post Office will hand the package to local delivery services of variable speed and quality. Most are reliable, but they can be slow. I cannot help this!


  • There are no US taxes of any kind that you will have to pay. However expect to pay various customs duties, taxes and fees on your side of the border.
  • In most cases ordering from the US will not exempt you from any VAT or Sales Taxes in your country. Expect to be taxed on your side of the border.
  • Customs taxes can be very random. You can have several packages go thru without taxation and then get hit hard on one. There is no way to fix this situation.
  • We can NOT mark your package as a 'gift' or 'sample' to help you avoid taxes. To do so is a violation of US Customs Laws and we can face a serious fine.


  • We accept Credit Cards, International Paypal payments, and International Money Orders in US Funds. Credit Card and PayPal are best, as they will do the currency exchange automatically

Ordering ("Hey, we don't have states...")

  • When you fill in your order form if your country does not have a 'State', just put the letters DNA for 'Does Not Apply'

Back Orders:

  • Items that are back ordered more than a few days can be a supplier or manufacturer problem. With US orders we correct this by shipping what is available immediately, and the rest when it comes in. We do NOT do this with International Orders.
  • If your order is delayed due to backordered items please contact us by email. We will give you a date that we think the items will be available. At that time you can elect to cancel the item and ship the rest of the order, or cancel the entire order for a full refund.

Returned or Refused Packages:

  • Packages returned undeliverable will be credited to your credit card or paypal less our shipping cost.
  • If the package is refused because you decided you didnt want to pay your country's customs or sales taxes your refund will be less our shipping costs and less a 20% restocking fee.