Hordes Skorne Extoller Novitiate Solo (metal/resin)

Hordes Skorne: Extoller Novitiate Solo (metal/resin)

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Hordes Skorne: Extoller Novitiate Solo (metal/resin)

Becoming a full extoller is an arduous process, one with many trials where failure can result in death. Yet even novitiates who have yet to sacrifice an eye to gain their oculus can be useful on the battlefield. Each one labors day and night, carving the stone forms of the exalted, and through this skill, they can restore those damaged in battle or help quicken them to action. They are not warriors, but each wields a hammer augmented to shape stone, which can as easily be used to shatter the skull of any unwary foe that lingers nearby.

TRADE POINTS: The Extoller Novitiate is a cornerstone support solo for any Skorne Exalted army, capable of repairing damage from Exalted constructs while providing the Tough benefit to nearby Exalted warriors. Due to their Field Allowance, players collecting this army are likely to buy three copies of this model in order to properly support of the frontline Immortals unit (PIP 74072) that make up the majority of their force.