Warmachine Mercenaries Steelhead Mortar Crew Unit (metal/resin) - LIMITED

Warmachine Mercenaries: Steelhead Mortar Crew Unit (metal/resin) - LIMITED

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Warmachine Mercenaries: Steelhead Mortar Crew Unit (metal/resin) - LIMITED

Each piece of artillery employed by the Steelheads has a distinct role, directed by veteran gunners to exploit that artillery’s strengths. Mortars fire in high soaring arcs, directing explosive payloads onto the heads of distant targets, even those otherwise shielded from direct fire by intervening walls or warjacks. While such firing arcs make it difficult to aim with pinpoint accuracy, the size and impact of mortar blasts makes up for this. Mortar fire obliterates infantry and leaves the ground pocked with craters.


TRADE POINTS: The Steelhead mercenary companies are rolling out the big guns with the addition of the Steelhead Mortar Crew in April. This unit specializes in adding long-range anti-infantry fire to any of the numerous armies it can be included in. It can target models regardless of the terrain they hide behind, and the blast creates a crater, generating a hinderance for your opponent. The Steelhead Gunner (PIP 41156) is a perfect match for this unit, making it even more effective.