Warmachine Mercenaries Steelhead Volley Gun Crew Unit (metal/resin) - LIMITED

Warmachine Mercenaries: Steelhead Volley Gun Crew Unit (metal/resin) - LIMITED

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Warmachine Mercenaries: Steelhead Volley Gun Crew Unit (metal/resin) - LIMITED

Engineered as a modified variant of an Ordic weapon first invented by Midfast Munitions, the Steelhead Volley Gun can unload a steady barrage into enemy lines. It utilizes a double-rowed rack of seven barrels firing solid shot in sequence to batter infantry and even light warjacks into oblivion. The crews manning these weapons are in constant motion as they compensate their trajectories after the recoil of previous shots and then reload to begin another cycle of destruction.


TRADE POINTS: The Steelhead mercenary companies are rolling out the big guns with the addition of the Steelhead Volley Gun Crew in April. This unit specializes in bringing medium range rapid-fire damage to any of the numerous armies it can be included in. Its high volume of fire allows it to equally punish targets of any size, and it can lay down covering fire to block the maneuverability of enemy infantry. The Steelhead Gunner (PIP 41156) is a perfect match for this unit, making it even more effective.