Honour Series Blucher RULEBOOK

Honour Series: Blucher RULEBOOK


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Honour Series: Blucher RULEBOOK

A beautiful full-color, 176-page hardback. This is the complete Blücher game rules, both basic and advanced. Everything you need to begin playing Blücher.

Will it be a card-driven game like Maurice and Longstreet ?

No. Blücher uses an entirely new system for variable turn length and unpredictable, limited opportunities.

I already have figures mounted for Grande Armée, or Lasalle. Can I use them for Blücher ?

Yes. Like all HONOUR games, the scale is very flexible. You can take figures based for any system and create units with them.

How many figures will I need in order to play?

That depends on the size of game that you choose to play, and how you choose to base them. Each unit in Blücher is one base. A typical game might involve two dozen units per player. The size of the bases and the numbers of figures on them, is up to you.

How many people can play?

Any number. Blücher can provide a modest two-player game, or a grand club project of a famous (or fictional) battle with many players and large collections.