Honour Series Maurice Action Cards

Honour Series: Maurice Action Cards


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Honour Series: Maurice Action Cards

Deck of 108 playing cards in a custom box for Maurice.  That include that include extra action cards for all the advanced rules, all the cards needed for the Succession Wars campaign game, the cards for army creation and imagi-nation building, and the “Notables”: cards that represent the personalities of particular aristocratic officers who serve in your army.

The game play is driven by the action cards, which are used to activate forces and to modify those actions. Each side keeps a hand of cards that he draws new cards into, and discards them as he plays them. Each card has the potential to do more than one thing, but can only ever be used for a single thing at any given time. Thus, the players always have to make the tough decision to use a card for one purpose and miss the chance to use it for another purpose.