Supply Chain Managed

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We are proud to introduce an exciting new concept to
inventory management here at TheWarStore!

The problem was how to keep customers better informed about stock levels in a store environment where stock levels can change very quickly. TheWarStore could have an historically two week supply of an item instock, and then sell it all in an afternoon. Keeping ever more inventory here doesnt help keep costs down to where we can supply the best discounts to our customers, so we tried a number of solutions. Monthly updates were out of date in a week, weekly in depth scans were too labor intesive, daily imports were not good enough, and 'live inventory' wasn't live enough. Why discourage customers from ordering an item that isnt instock right that moment when it was already on the way to the store and would be instock later that same day?

So we put our heads together with industry professionals, computer programmers, and retail experts and we have come up with a system that we think admirably accomplishes all of our goals. At considerable expense we have automatically tied our in house inventory and the portion of our inventory readily available from distributors right into our shopping cart system. Every morning the products on pages notated "Supply Chain Managed" are compared with current stock levels here at the store, AND what is readily available at our distributors. So as you shop for these products on the site you will find the following notations:

  • Regular Stock, Usually Ships in 1 Business Day
    This is a regular stock item, either in stock at the store or at a distributor warehouse 1 business day away from TheWarStore.
  • Available, Usually Ships in 1-3 Business Days
    Available for order, either already on the way in or at a distributor warehouse 2-3 business days away from TheWarStore.
  • Available, Usually Ships in 4-5 Business Days
    Available for order, inventory is at a distributor warehouse 4-5 days away from TheWarStore.
  • Available, Usually Ships in 5-6 Business Days
    Available for order, inventory is at a distributor warehouse 5-6 days away from TheWarStore.

Other inventory notations are mostly self-explanatory and will include out of stock and preorder notices. Occasionally, items will list as in stock and still be subject to a release date. This is rare, but does occasionally happen with supply chain managed items during their release week.

  • Discontinued by Manufacturer, Sold Out or Limited by Manufacturer, Sold Out
    These items have sold out at the manufacturer, at this time there are no plans for reprint. They are no longer available and will be deleted from the site soon. Do not order.
  • Out of Print/Production, watch the site for reprint dates
    Currently sold out, reprint is planned but no concrete dates as of yet. Do not order.
  • Out of Stock at the Manufacturer, watch the site for reprint dates.
    This is a long term out of stock situation, may be weeks or months. However reprint is definitely planned and proceeding, watch our site or manufacturers site for re-release dates. Do not order yet.
  • Out of Stock, watch the site for new availability
    Usually a temporary out of stock situation, just demand overrunning our and our distributors supply. We dont recommend ordering these items as the wait is still indefinite, but keep an eye on our site for restock.
  • PreOrder Available...
    New release, item not yet available but is coming. Will be followed with release date to be announced or the release date if the info is available. Products should ship on or before release date.

Important notes on our Supply Chain Management Program:

  • It is very important to note that Supply Chain Management is only one of the ways we track inventory here at TheWarStore, and only pages that are marked "Supply Chain Managed" qualify for this program.
  • The program results are very good, but not entirely foolproof. Inventory moves very quickly, and we apologize that there will be times when fast moving items are gone before we can grab them. We're fast, but not perfect! Of course anything we cannot supply will be cheerfully refunded.

We are very excited by the results for us and for our customers, and we look forward to adding even more fine products to our catalogue under this new inventory system!