TheWarStore Philosophy

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TheWarStore Philosophy

Written - first day of business, November 1st 1999

I have been in retailing all my life (Indeed the only reason I was taught math at all was so I could work a cash register), and learned at a very young age the key to retail success is always putting the customer first. If you are a TheWarStore customer I will do my best to make you happy. And that does not mean throwing around simple slogans, platitudes, or buzz words. In concrete terms my "Customer First" policies define what a TheWarStore shopping experience should be like:

- Low prices
- Fast Shipping
- Easy phone access and good email communication
- Fast resolution of order problems at no cost to you!
-Total confidentiality and security for credit card transactions and your personal information
- A site interested in your feedback and suggestions

Does this mean we never make a mistake? Not at all. But it does mean that everything around here happens under my watchful eye and I take full responsibility for it. We work hard every day to make your shopping experience worry and hassle free. And if we make a mistake we will fix it right away, and without cost to you. You have my word on that.
Thanks for shopping here!

Neal Catapano
Grand Pooh Bah