Star Trek Attack Wing Bajoran Interceptor Five Expansion Pack

Star Trek Attack Wing: Bajoran Interceptor Five Expansion Pack

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Star Trek Attack Wing: Bajoran Interceptor Five Expansion Pack

Expand and Upgrade Your Star Trek Attack Wing Game! 
The Interceptor 5 is a Bajoran attack fighter. The Bajoran Interceptors are agile ships used by the Bajoran Militia in the defense of the planet Bajor. 

The Maquis employed a number of these vessels against the Cardassian Union and nearly destroyed a Cardassian Galor-class ship in defense of one of their colonies. 

1 Interceptor 5 / Bajoran Interceptor Pre-Painted Miniature 
1 Plastic Base 
2 Plastic Pegs 
1 Ship Token 
1 Maneuver Dial 

5 Action Tokens 
1 Scan Token 
1 Battle Stations Token 
1 Evade Token 
1 Red Target Lock Token 
1 Blue Target Lock Token 

1 Critical Hit Token 
1 Auxiliary Power Token 
1 Disabled Upgrade Token 
6 Captain ID Tokens 
2 Effect Tokens 
1 Full About Maneuver Template 
10 Countdown Tokens 

2 Ship Cards 
Interceptor 5 
Bajoran Starship 

1 Maneuver Card 
Bajoran Interceptor 

3 Captain Cards 
Lenaris Holem 

6 Upgrade Cards 
Phaser Strike 
Warp Drive Refit 

2 Mission Cards 
Blockade: Mission Overview 
Blockade: Special Rules