Star Trek Attack Wing Tholian Starship (Tholia One) Expansion Pack

Star Trek Attack Wing: Tholian Starship (Tholia One) Expansion Pack

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Star Trek Attack Wing: Tholian Starship (Tholia One) Expansion Pack

WZK71795 Independent Tholian Star Trek Attack Wing Miniature WizKids 

Expand and Upgrade Your Star Trek: Attack Wing Game! 

The Tholian starships are small vessels that can be manned by a single pilot. These agile ships can employ the deadly energy weapon known as the Tholian Web. When multiple Tholian starships weave their energy web, they can easily destroy much larger ships. 

1 Tholia One / Tholian Vessel Pre-painted Miniature 
1 Plastic Base 
2 Plastic Pegs 
1 Ship Token 
1 Maneuver Dial 

4 Action Tokens 
1 Evade Token 
1 Scan Token 
1 Red Target Lock Token 
1 Blue Target Lock Token 

2 Shield Tokens 
1 Critical Hit Token 
1 Auxiliary Power Token 
1 Disabled Upgrade Token 
6 Captain ID Tokens 
10 Energy Web Tokens 
2 Guide Tokens 

2 Ship Cards 
Tholia One 
Tholian Starship 

1 Maneuver Card 
Tholian Vessel 

3 Captain Cards 
Tholian Pilot 

5 Upgrade Cards 
Energy Web 
Plasma Tordpedoes 
Tholian Assembly 
Tholian Punctuality 
Tricobalt Warhead 

2 Mission Cards 
The Tholian Web: Mission Overview 
The Tholian Web: Special Rules 

2 Additional Rules Card 
2 Energy Web Token