CHESSEX DICE - The Coolest Dice on the Planet!

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Chessex Dice -The Coolest Dice on the Planet!

Chessex has had a long history of manufacturing dice and gaming supplies for the roleplaying and wargaming industries.  Chessex is well known for quality dice, and they manufacture a huge line of dice in an incredible amount of different colors, shapes and sizes and you can check them all out in the links below.  We have Chessex 6 sided dice in 12mm and 16mm sizes, polyhedral dice sets perfect for roleplaying, packs of 10 sided dice and big bags of assorted dice sold by size and even by the pound!  Chessex bags of dice are a great way to get a bunch of dice cheap.
And colors?  Opaque dice, translucent dice, speckled dice, signature colors, and even the Chessex menagerie of trial colors and one-offs, when it comes to dice colors Chessex has you covered!
TheWarStore also carries the full line of Chessex gaming supplies and accessories.  Dice storage bags, glass marker stones, hard figure cases, and the world famous Chessex gaming mats - the Battlemat, Megamat, and Mondomat.  TheWarStore carries them all, and all at 20% off!

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