Chessex Polyhedral Dice Sets

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Chessex Polyhedral Dice Sets are the industry standard for role playing game dice!  Chessex has been manufacturing dice for wargamers and roleplayers since 1987 and they have built up a tremendous line of sizes, shapes and colors.  And Chessex quality is first rate.

As illustrated in the picture above Chessex Polyhedral Dice Sets are sold in groups of 7 dice stacked in a small plastic case.  Each set has one each of d4, d6, d8, d10, d10 decimal, d12, and d20.

Chessex has a huge line of dice in all sorts of rich colors: opaques, translucents, speckleds, gemini, signature colors, and their menagerie of limited edition and one-offs.  Check out the links below, find YOUR lucky dice, slay the dragon, and rescue the princess!

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