Infinity: Bootleg

Infinity Bootleg are the models the concept designers always wanted to design, the miniatures all the Infinity modelers always wanted to sculpt, and the figures Infinity fandom always wanted to get, but none of them could have as those models have no room in a game-focused catalog.
Even though most of the Infinity Bootleg figures have a troop profile to play with, this is not the main purpose of this new brand. Infinity Bootleg has been conceived for painters and for miniature lovers. Top notch, high quality figures with attitude. Believe it or not, but even more than the regular Infinity models. This is the connoisseur brand of Infinity.
Infinity Bootleg will provide a reduced range of models, all of the finest quality but totally separate from the main Infinity catalog. What figure or character from the Infinity universe have you always wanted to see became into a miniature? T.A.G. pilots, maintenance technicians, civvies, alternative versions of previously released models, battle ravaged versions of armored figures and whatever else you can imagine!