Didi's Magic Ink

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Didi's Magic Ink is ready to use right out of the bottle. Simply brush it on and let the special formula do all the work. It shades like magic!

Unlike an ink-water mixture, the surface tension of Didi's Magic Ink is much lower and this allows the pigments to reach cracks and crevasses with ease. Ink-water mixture would leave unsightly “rings”, pigments gather around the edge of the water bead. With Didi's Magic Ink, you will be able to achieve a smooth transition with the darkest color in the deepest crevasse.

It is especially handy when you have to paint a large number of miniatures. Simply paint the basic colors you want on the minis, let dry, and then brush on Didi's Magic Ink. You can see the difference it makes almost instantly. You can also use the dip method with Didi's Magic Ink. Acrylic-based Magic Ink is much easier to clean up after than oil-based wood stain.

Didi's Magic Ink Black is good for general-purpose use; it adds dark lines and shading to where shadows would naturally be. Didi's Magic Ink Brown is especially handy for shading flesh and adding rusting effects on metallics. We are also expanding the color range into other useful shades. Enjoy!

Each 2 oz bottle should be enough for inking dozens of models!