Firestorm Armada is Spartan Games' second major game release, and follows the same ethos that they designed Uncharted Seas with: to provide tabletop gamers with an easy to learn and fast paced game. We are big fans of naval games whether they are on the ocean or in deep space, so it was a logical progression to ask our resident designers to come up with an exciting space combat game. And that is exactly what they have done!

The first release includes a 96-page full colour rulebook and FOUR Starter Fleets with which players can wage war across what we call the Firestorm Universe. These fleets include the invading forces of the Dindrenzi Federation, an aggressive empire of humans whose fleets have invaded the planetary systems of their human cousins in the Terran Alliance. Fortunately for the Terrans, they are able to call on the support of their allies, the Aquan Prime and the Sorylian Collective. These three races form the backbone of what is known as the Alliance of Kurak.

Welcome to the Storm Zone...