Gift Certificates

I know -- you have no idea what the crazy things on this website are, all you know is that you are unfortunately bound by blood or by love (or worse, both!) to some nut who loves this stuff.

Neal at TheWarStore understands -- really he does! He also understand if he doesn't do something that will make your gift giving easier then you will take your money somewhere else. And that would be a tragedy for him errrr... for your beloved gift recipient! That is why Neal at TheWarStore has created just for you the perfect gift - TheWarStore Gift Certificate.

TheWarStore Gift Certificate is a wonderful way for you to express your love for the special wargamer in your life. Always the right size, always the right color, and always appreciated much more than a fruitcake or another 'clothes present'. And they are redeemable for anything we sell on this site, for up to a year after you purchase them!

For your convenience we offer TheWarStore Gift Certificates below in a variety of denominations. Feel free to order any combination you need to make up your desired gift. And we can send TheWarStore Gift Certificate nearly anywhere. Just set the order up with your address as the billing address and you can choose to ship it to your home or directly to your beloved recipient. And of course they are certain to return your generosity with copious thanks and grateful love for at least a year...just in time for you to buy them another TheWarStore Gift Certificate!

Ahhh, the circle of retail... Neal remains a lowly servant of life's continual rhythms.

Click Here to Purchase a Gift Certificate

To be completely honest with you our Gift Certificates do not look anything like the one in the picture. You see most stores have about an 85% redemption rate on Gift Certificates and have no problem dressing them up a bit with all of the profits they make from people who don't really want anything from Old Navy, Nordstorm or Lane Bryant. Department stores LOVE to sell you gift certificates.

Wargamers on the other hand are a different lot altogether. The average time between joyful receipt of one of our Gift Certificates and it's ecstatic redemption is about 23 and a half minutes. We have a 100% redemption rate, so unfortunately we can't afford the fancy presentation. As a matter of fact we don't even send any type of 'Certificate' to your home at all. We will however email the Certificate to the email address you provide above, along with the loving gift message you supply.

It's the electronic age and it works great! And most importantly, your beloved recipient will be slobberingly grateful. We promise.