A Note From Hawk Wargames!

Hawk Wargames is proud to now be part of the TT Combat group!  We are working on lots of amazing new releases for next year as we speak including a Version 2 of the smash hit Dropzone Commander. The new edition will bring you all the amazing things you the player have come to expect from Hawk but with even better game play! All the core models and sets are not changing so make sure you continue to collect and paint your armies for the coming Invasions!
As such we are selling the last few Version 1 Core Game boxes for a staggering price of $39.99!! And as only the rule book will be changing next year all the components and forces are perfect to get you going right now!
Keep an eye out for more sneak peaks of the new commanders and Dropfleet releases coming soon. But for now, get these amazingly priced 2 Player sets with 2 full forces, and all the terrain you need to get started while stocks last!!

Dropzone Commander is 10mm SciFi Massed Battles from Hawk Wargames.

It is the Year 2670

A Golden Age of humanity has passed into history. A time when mankind advanced implacably and unopposed through the stars has gone beyond living memory.

Planet Earth and the original Cradle Worlds are lost to the great foe, the Scourge. The shattering invasion of this terrible enemy has torn the domains of man asunder.

The remnants of human civilisation now exist in a collection of frontier planets. Thinly spread and underdeveloped, they are pale shadows of mankind's former glories.

However, this is not an age without hope. Humanity has found new strength, unity and purpose in these times of dire fortune. The colonies are undertaking a period of vigorous, dynamic expansion, unrivaled in the history of our race, united by a common purpose - Reconquest.

The armies of the United Colonies of Mankind march towards humanities' former heartland, battling the dreaded Scourge one world at a time. Many enemies and allies await on this journey; an odyssey through the stars towards a distant and glittering goal - Earth.