Hobby Airbrush Paints

Save on Hobby Airbrush Paints at TheWarStore!

Airbrushing war game and role playing miniatures has really taken off in the past few years and at TheWarStore we stock the very best in miniature Airbrush paint - Badger and Vallejo.  Both lines are top quality, made with very finely ground pigments and are perfect for use with your airbrush.  On the Vallejo pages you will find a great line of colors plus a number of very useful auxiliary items like thinners, cleaners, and primers.  Vallejo Game Air are a great line of paints with bright vibrant colors perfect for fantasy miniatures.  On the Badger pages not only will you find their wonderful line of colors and tints, but also some basic airbrushes.

Click on the links below and get started on airbrushing!