Hobby Brush on Paints

Save on Miniature Wargames Hobby Paint at TheWarStore!

Painting is one of the most exciting and fun parts of the hobby!  Using a brush you can bring the miniatures to life, and anyone can paint well with just a little practice.

Below you will find the links to the paint lines we carry here at TheWarStore.  Of course Vallejo is the backbone of the list -- top quality paints made with the finest pigments.  Vallejo has an extensive line of base paints, plus a number of Auxiliary products to bring your painting to the next level.  But miniature painting is more than just Vallejo!  We have paints from Reaper - their Master Paints are sold in groups of three - base color, shade and highlight.  The Privateer Press P3 line uses a special formula that loads their paints full of vibrant color.  Army Painter makes very fine paint, and many of their brush on bottled colors perfectly match the paint in their spray cans.  Inks from Didi's Inks, washes and pigments from Secret Weapon - these items will help round out your painting arsenal, and make creating realistic effects on your model that much easier.

Check out the links below and get started on painting your models!