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A mysterious and secretive group, few know of this ancient order of druids. Though few in number, they wield great power and influence wherever the shadow of wilderness falls. Capable of summoning the forces of the storm and stone, their will is rarely contested. Now they command the beasts of the wild to fight any who would dare. 

There is no more mysterious a group in western Immoren than the Blackclad druids. They name themselves the Circle Orboros, shortened among outsiders to simply “the Circle.” They are an ancient order of those who have answered the wilding, hearing the voices of the wilderness, the call of beasts, and storm.
Druids are linked in spirit to the Beast of All Shapes—the father of predators and the embodiment of natural destruction. They do not serve the Devourer as priests, for theirs is a less worshipful yet more intimate relationship. They revere this god by its secret name of power: Orboros. This name describes a serpent swallowing its tail, signifying infinity, endless power, and the reach of nature which encircles Caen.

Building a Circle Orboros Army:
Masters of storm and stone, the Circle excels in controlling both beast and the battlefield. The Circle Orboros boasts warlocks of great magical might, with the power to transform their beasts into deadly hunters and controlling the very terrain of the battlefield. With a mobility born not just of speed but of control of the land, a Circle army excels in guerilla-style combat—hitting hard, hitting fast, and disappearing into the forest shadows