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There are some evils possessed of infinite patience and guile. Dragons are such a force. They are not alive in the same fashion as other beasts, nor do they die. A dragon’s flesh is a transitory shell for carrying its malignant consciousness. Even when obliterated down to its core essence, the athanc, a dragon endures. From this unholy stone, a new dragon can be reborn with the mind of the old, quickly regenerating to full strength. No lore or craft of mortals has been able to destroy these dragon stones. 

The dragon Everblight was thought defeated by the Iosans centuries ago, but one does not so easily stop the immortal scions of the Dragonfather. Everblight has returned from his prison in the Top of the World and unleashes his newly massed legion of blighted beasts upon the world.

Everblight’s undiminished mind conceived an ingenious plan. It would gain its freedom and more without reforming its flesh and blood. Without a body it could avoid its sibling rivals such as Halfaug and Scaefang. It would initiate a new strategy to preserve its immortality, stay hidden from its dragon kin, and carve out its own domain before returning to flesh.  When an ogrun wanderer heard alluring and irresistible whispers on the wind and answered the call, he unleashed a new terror on the world: the Legion of Everblight.

Building a Legion of Everblight Army:
The Legion of Everblight uses speed and the threat of first strike as its primary tactics. Flanking and threatening charges by multiple targets, this army surrounds an enemy like the jaws of a dragon. A single false move on the opponent’s side will open them up for the killing blow, as the dragon’s maw closes with surprising swiftness.
If, by the time you’ve finished reading this, you hear a cold and distant whispering voice infecting your very soul, then Everblight has you. Build your horde and may the first blood of battle be yours, for victory shall be Everblight’s.