Ultraforge Mercenary Giant

Ultraforge Mercenary Giant


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Ultraforge Mercenary Giant

A giant is not born evil. He is made that way. When left alone, giants tend to be quite solitary and secretive. They will hibernate for months without ever making a sound. The irony with natural giants is that they tend to be more quiet than most other wild creatures.

It is an unfortunate twist of fate that the giant would be such an effective instrument of war. An enraged giant is more powerful than any siege engine. One giant can sweep away rank after rank of footman with ease. Slavers earn great fortunes when they turn wild giants into war machines!

Some unlucky giants are hunted and captured during their youth. Year after year those giants are tempered further into submission by their malevolent captors. Once a giant is ready to conform to the will of its masters it is sent into battle.

The mercenary giant represents a great warrior who has earned his freedom either through great acts of valor during combat... or perhaps simply by eating his captors? Either way, this giant now bids himself out to the wealthiest warlod. He adorns himself with banners, armor and tools gathered from the field of battle. He is a scavenger, a loner and a nomad. He inspires fear in those who pass him, and terror in those who cross him.

The mercenary giant still wears his massive ropes and shackles as a reminder of why he now fights. It is war that drives the mercenary giant, and in this sense the giant remains a slave. He has forgotten a better way of life and has long forgotten his way home.

The original Mercenary Giant and its custom 50mmx75mm base were sculpted by Sophia and Jeremy of Ultraforge. We can proudly say that every bit of this miniature has been sculpted with the closest attention to detail and we are very proud of the results.

The Mercenary Giant Resin Kit comes un-assembled and un-painted. Each of the 6 pieces included in this kit (one head, two hands, one body, one legs and one 50mmx75mm scenic base) are cast from a high quality gray resin. This miniature stands approx. 6 inches in height when assembled.