Ultraforge Treewoman

Ultraforge Treewoman


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Ultraforge Treewoman

The Treewoman is the ultimate vessel for vengeful forest spirits.

Rather than possessing a single tree, the forest spirits have bound several trees together in order to create a larger and stronger vessel. A closer look at the Treewoman will reveal several layers of tree interweaving with each other. Each layer has a different hue as it represents a separate breed of tree.

This thicket of possessed trees then warps and twists inside itself slowly over dozens of years, finally gaining the silhouette of a powerful and beautiful woman. The Treewoman then carves herself two long curved pikes by honing down her oaken forearms with rocky outcroppings and creek gravel.

The Treewoman relentlessly attacks those who would turn the beauty of nature into raw materials: food for the cruel inventions of industry. No longer will the forest wait to burn or fall by the axe. This time the forest will strike back!

The original Treewoman and its custom 50mmx50mm square base were sculpted by Sophia and Jeremy of Ultraforge. We can proudly say that every bit of this miniature has been sculpted with the closest attention to detail and we are very proud of the results.

The Treewoman Resin Kit comes un-assembled and un-painted. Each of the 5 pieces included in this kit (two arms, one body, one leg and one 50mm square scenic base) are cast from a very high quality tan resin. This miniature stands approx. 5 inches in height when assembled.