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Dystopian Legions is a fluid infantry skirmish game, designed to be fast paced and bloody. Platoons of infantry, jetpack equipped flyers and fast moving cavalry mounted on steam powered motorcycles engage in vicious fire fights or swirling melees, whilst earth shaking field pieces engage in long range cannon duels with hulking ironclads. However, a Commander always needs to keep their grand strategy in mind - making sure their troops are in the right place at the right time by using command abilities and special game cards to gain the upper hand.

While the Land Ships and Dreadnoughts of the Dystopian world take the center stage in the conflict raging through this age of Victorian Super Science fiction, the humble infantryman still has a vitally important role to play. Dystopian Legions brings this side of the world war to the tabletop with stunning miniatures measuring approximately 32mm foot to eye.

Dystopian Legions uses a highly scalable game engine to cater for skirmish scale conflicts on a 4' x 4' tabletop right the way up to sizeable battles using multiple Platoons, artillery, APCs and Tanks on a 6' x 4' table or larger.

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