Spartan Games

Spartan Games is a UK-based provider of tabletop games, with a core team of people that have a backdrop in publishing and a passion for all things military and gaming! Their goal is to deliver productsthat entertain the player and give scope for development over the coming years.

Their first major game offering was the Uncharted Seas, a fantasy naval combat game using 1/600th scale miniatures, which was then followed by Firestorm Armada, an exciting space combat game featuring highly detailed starship models.

In October 2010 they announced their third major game, Dystopian Wars – an exciting journey in a Victorian sci-fi world with a distinctly Steampunk feel. The world of Dystopian Wars is ravaged by war, as the great nations of the planet battle for superiority. The game is an exciting departure for Spartan Games, as it encompasses not only naval combat, but ground warfare and aerial combat all from within the same core rulebook.

In August 2012 they announced Dystopian Legions – a fast-paced, action-packed 32mm scale (foot to eye) tabletop game set in the exciting world of Dystopian Wars, where Victorian super science fiction has created a fascinating and brutal arena for a deadly world war. Having brought carnage to the Dystopian battlefields with giant tanks, massive airships and technologically advanced naval vessels it is now time to get up close and personal with your warfare. It is up to your platoons of infantry to storm enemy positions, capture towns, secure strategic objectives and devastate rival nations.