The Plastic Soldier Company

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The Plastic Soldier Company is the brainchild of William Townshend, a lifelong wargamer and military history enthusiast.

Will found that the soft polyethelene gaming figures that one frequently discovers in toy stores are both difficult to paint and suffer from a surfeit of poses that are of little use to the average wargamer.  The Plastic Soldier Company was formed to address this problem by creating a range of high-quality miniatures using modern hard plastics.

Whether you are a wargamer looking to build your armies rapidly and at the best possible value for your money, or you are a scale modeler looking for the highest standards in accurate period detail in both uniforms and weaponry, The Plastic Soldier has the miniatures for you.   And they have them in the most popular modelling, collecting and wargaming scales.

Watch for more products from this exciting company in a variety of historical periods!