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Trade Your Stuff To Vik!!!

Vik wants to help you get all that new stuff you want by trading in what you have!!!

A few points about trading stuff into Vik:

  • Currently we are only accepting Games Workshop Item.
  • We are interested in assembled models, not unassembled stuff on sprue.
  • Vik will take factory sealed/new product.
  • Payment is in Store Credit only.

To get the trade-in process rolling:

  • Send Vik an email with a list of the items you’re selling, along with pics (the more/better pics you send, the better your chance to get more for your stuff).
  • If we are interest in your stuff, we will reply with an offer.
  • If you dig the offer, reply back confirming you’re interested, and we will shoot you back shipping instructions.

It’s just that easy to turn your old stuff into new product with Vik’s trading post!!!


*A guide on how to properly ship your miniatures to us is incoming!!!*

*We are not currently buying any non Primaris Space Marine Infantry*