Vallejo Alcohol Based Metallics

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A selection of 8 permanent metallic colors for fine arts, restoration, decorative arts and hobby painting. Formulated with metallic pigments, soluble only in alcohol, these colors are infinitely more brilliant than their water based counterparts, and absolutely durable and light fast.

The colors can be mixed with one another and dry almost instantly. They can be over painted or varnished almost immediately. The specific weight of the pigment causes the formation of sediment at the base of the container, and paint should be thoroughly shaken or stirred before use. If it were necessary to dilute the colors further, only 96% pure alcohol should be added to avoid oxidation.

Liquid Gold cannot be mixed with water, to the contrary, the slightest contact with water will cause the pigments to rust within the jar. Brushes should be cleaned in alcohol only.
(We recommend Alcohol based Brush cleaner VAL 28900).

Liquid Gold contains alcohol and is therefore flammable, but the product does not contain xylene or toluene, and is neither toxic nor harmful in normal use.