Vallejo Mediums

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Vallejo Mediums are added to Vallejo paints to achieve certain effects.  Add mediums to regular paints to change the way they flow over the model (Glaze Medium) or to change the brightness of the paint finish (Matte, Gloss, Metallic Mediums).  Adding drying retarder will extend the drying time of the colors, allowing you more time for certain techniques.  Vallejo Crackle and Chipping mediums are used to create the illusion of cracked or chipped paint surfaces.

Vallejo Mediums are used extends the colors, increase their fluidity and transparency, and softens the blending of brushstrokes. Mediums heighten the flexibility of the colors, and their adhesion to the surface. Vallejo Mediums do not yellow or change tonality of the colors and can also be used as a binder for dry pigment.

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