The WarGamers Backpack GREEN

The WarGamer's Backpack

Left profile, notice extra long side pocket (perfect for templates and rulers) and top exit hole for IPOD/MP3 player earpieces
Center view, long profile showing top 2 velcro stripes, large (book size!) pocket and smaller back pocket All pockets expand outwards for maximum capacity.
Right profile with two handy side pockets. Perfect storage for dice, tokens, glue - you name it! All pockets close with a velvro strip.
The Central Storage area holds a buch of stuff. Plenty of room for a hard plastic figure case, with space to spare!
Top grip handle plus the two strips on the back of the pack velcro on and off. Have them embroidered with your name, club name or Army name!
Adjustable lower strap, top of strap is lightly padded and much wider for comfort on shoulders.
Large rear pocket extends nearly the entire length of the backpack and expands outwards. Perfect for storing rulebooks and codexes.
Smaller rear pocket has plenty of room for dice, tape measure, templates etc...
Another great use for the extra long side pocket -- storage for a foot long hero sandwhich!