ZVEZDA Samurai Battles

All wargames can be divided into two types: the beautiful and the historical. The first uses miniature soldiers, and the rules only approximately reflect the realities of battle. The second attempts to take into account all aspects that influence the battle as fully as possible, but the fighting units are represented by simple cardboard boxes with numbers. Naturally, most wargamers have split between these two extremes. The heart of each always starts to beat faster at the sight of a beautiful figure of a knight, but on the other hand is always annoyed when a detachment of peasants armed with sticks rout the knights simply because the rules are too arbitrary. Samurai Battles is the game which should reconcile the lure of players to the beautiful and the desire for historical accuracy on the board.

The Zvezda company has long been known around the world for its magnificent miniatures. The quality of their soldiers in 1/72 scale is perhaps the best in the world. All pieces are easily assembled from a few parts, yet at the same time the delicacy of execution is so high that the emotions can clearly be seen on the faces of the soldiers.